Is it possible to make Congress payments by instalment?

Yes.  Instalment payments can be made in either of two ways. The simplest would be to do part payments by Electronic Funds Transfer  (EFT) and pay the registration off over a period. To do this select ‘Send me a Tax Invoice’ when you reach the payment option for your registration. The EFT details are on the registration site and  also on the bottom of the invoice that will be sent to you with your confirmation of registration letter. As long as the complete payment is made by the end of October it will qualify for the Early Bird Registration. 

Part payment by credit card can also be accepted.  To do this, again you would need to select ‘Send me a tax invoice’ (when going through the Registration Process). Then you would need to contact Conference Logistics, who are managing the registration process, and do part payments over the phone on your credit card. The need to complete all payments by end October to qualify for Early Bird Registration would apply.

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