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Newspapers-1200x900Keen to keep up with all the latest Congress news, read interviews with our presenters or just looking for some interesting genealogy tidbits? Then be sure to subscribe to Congress 2015’s online newspaper. Official Congress blogger Pauleen Cass has been compiling the “AFFHO Congress 2015 Weekly” an online newspaper with weekly news about Congress 2015.

Not only will you find content from Pauline but the paper pulls together links to all the interviews our official blogger team of Pauleen, Shauna Hicks and Jill Ball have done with our Congress presenters. These will give you an insight into what drives their interest in genealogy and a peek at what they hope you’ll take away from their talks at Congress. As well as interviews and latest news. The bonus of this online tool is it will also gather together lots of other genie info that you just mind find interesting.

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    Cant access newspaper

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