Speaker profiles

Kate Bagnall Kate Bagnall Early Chinese Australian families – putting your Chinese ancestors in context.

Finding your Chinese roots: tips for tracing your Australian family’s Chinese origins.

 Carol Baxter Carol Baxter Help Help! Which information is correct?: Tried-and-true strategies for determining historical truth.

Surnames: the personification of history.

 Berry David Berry Tracing your ancestors in the digital age: the digitisation of collections at the State Library of New South Wales.
Blackwood John Blackwood Separation and Divorce Scotland 17th to 19th Centuries
 Cass Pauleen Cass The Marriage of local and family history: a bridge to the past.

From Dorfprozelten to Australia: how social media reunited the emigrants’ descendants across time.

 Farmer Kerry Farmer ‘Migration schemes to Australia’ – Understanding more about the people who were encouraged to come.

‘DNA for Genealogists’

Introducing the DNA tests that can be used as tools in family history research.

Learn more from autosomal and X-chromosome DNA

 fitzpatrick Colleen Fitzpatrick Not just the facts Ma’am: give me the big picture.

A different kind of DNA talk.Genealogy and the six degrees of separation: how to find anyone in the world

 Fowler Simon Fowler Shovelling out paupers: Researching assisted emigration in English archives.

Hardship and boredom, marauding and drink – researching British Military Deserters.

Hidden Gems: finding and using unusual record collections in English archives.

Writing up your family history for pleasure and profit.

 Garnsey  Heather Garnsey Finding your ancestors in the genealogical haystack.

The Joint Copy Project – making Parish Registers accessible to researchers.

Hicks Shauna Hicks Sporting Ancestors – Discovering Forgotten Athletes.

Bring your ancestors to life – using Court of Petty Session records

Holman David Holman Keynote Address: Fascinating facts and figures from five centuries.

Did your ancestor serve in the British Military during WWI.

Source for Mr Goose and Mrs Gander.

David Holman – Using British Medals to help fill out your family tree.

Lunchtime Seminar:Breaking down brickwalls in your research.

 Joyce Jenny Joyce The House of Commons Parliamentary Papers – an unknown resource.

The UK Gazettes – A Treasure Trove of Information for Family History.

Wills from England and Ireland.

 Karskens Grace Karskens Keynote Address: Men, women, sex and desire: family history on Australia’s first frontier.
 Kershaw Roger Kershaw Keynote AddressTracing free emigrants to Australasia.A history of British Child Migration Schemes.For king and empire – services rendered: WW1 Medical Records

Getting the most out of nationalarchives.gov.uk

Lunchtime session:Volunteering at The National Archives

 Seonaid Lewis Seonaid Lewis WW1 – New Zealand remembers.

How did that Kiwi get in your tree.

 Perry MacIntyer Perry McIntyre Remembering and commemorating our ancestors.

‘the infernal villain will be sent away’ Convict Case studies in the National Archives of Ireland

 McKernan Michael McKernan Keynote Address: Meeting people at war: writing war on the home front.
 Milner Paul Milner Scotland – maps and gazetteers for research.

Buried treasures – what’s in the English Parish Chest.

Digging for Gold – Locating British Miners and their Records.

Tracing Your Pre-WWI British Soldier

Lunchtime Seminar: Genealogical lecturing skills. Proposal to Presentation

 Monaghan  Cheryl Mongan A general and indiscriminate stigma – the Irish Famine Orphans, 1848–1850.
Nash Robert Nash Across the centuries – the Huguenots and their Australian descendants.
 Nichol_1 Michelle Nichols Discovering the hidden riches in public libraries. Fostering family history in Local Studies Collections.
 Norberry  Jennie Norberry Far from home Researching stories of First World War military service
 Numm Cora Num Keynote Address: Front page to back page using online newspapers.

Mapping our families – putting them in their place.Work choices – shaping our lives.

What can I find using eRecords.

Patient Michelle Patient Crossing the ditch – an overview of trans-Tasman migration.

Finding your family in New Zealand – Did your Aussies move across the ditch.

 Rencher David Rencher Family search – future and vision.Connecting the Community through FamilySearch.Irish Census and census substitutes.

Ireland – Interpreting and evaluating name lists.

Ireland -Chasing the poor and the landless.

 Reid  Richard Reid Keynote address: If you ever go across the sea to Ireland … Realities of 19th century Ireland.

Probably you have read of the fight for Bullycourt…Ancestors on the Western Front, 1916-1918

 S_Reid Sue Reid Bankrupts and Insolvents in mid-nineteenth century England – some available records and sources.
 Riley Carole Riley Following the gold.

Dropbox and Evernote for family historians.

House and Home – double session.

Crossing the great generational divide using social media.

 Sherrat Tim Sherratt The many meanings of TROVE
 Smith Helen Smith Friendly Societies and family historians.

One-name studies what use are they to you.

Distressed cotton weavers emigration scheme.

The English Workhouse and its records.

 Szabo Stephen Szabo Heraldry and the genealogist
Taylor Joshua Taylor Keynote address: Connecting Across Past, Present, and Future
Mathew Trinca Mat Trinca Dr Mat Trinca, Director of the National Museum of Australia, will present the opening address and formally open Congress 2015.
 Worthington Jan Worthington The Abandoned Child – Social Changes 1850-1870 through the records of the Randwick Asylum for Destitute Children.